Pearl Biosystem (PBioS) brings a disruptive 3D technology based on synthetic pearls to accelerate your molecule (chemical, biosimilar, extract…) selection process.

PBioS is a new molecule validation process to accelerate market access and reduce your market access cost.
Our process applies to the Research department of our customers, at the preclinical stage (before or after an animal model), to choose the most relevant molecules before carrying out the tests into some long clinical trials.

Would you like to improve the selection of your promising molecules using a fast, secure and reliable test before embarking on a costly in vivo phase with sometimes uncertain results?

Please click on our general video intro that summarizes our technology and multiple offers in both pharma and cosmetic markets.

Did you know that there is a system similar to in vivo: the “ in Perlo™ ” test based on the use of new biopearls?

Imagine reducing the number of your cohort of 'nude' mice or humanized mice or any other animal (monkey – pig – dog…) by a batch of synthetic pearl?

Pearl BioSystem is a pioneering company that has developed an original and very effective 3D culture test (the in perlo™ model” for synthetic and/or natural compound tests, as well as validation tests.

We position PBioS between the in vitro and in vivo phases.

The originality of our liquid pearl cultures comes precisely from the fact that the only extracellular matrix that binds our different cell lines together is the one that the cells secrete themselves. No artificial matrix is added. Our specific “organoids” obtained are in liquid suspension, which allows rapid diffusion of any molecule added to the pearl, whether hydrophilic, lipid-soluble or of a protein nature (e.g. antibodies). The added molecules therefore do not risk being adsorbed by any support gels or colloids.