Why Pearl BioSystem - Our vision

Imagine accessing the model closest to in vivo !

Pearl BioSystem is a pioneering company developing original disruptive and efficient 3D culture compound and validation assays.
Reliable assessment of molecule candidates is a key issue for the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry in order to take proper decisions throughout the drug development process.
To address these preclinical research needs, Pearl BioSystem has developed a patented technology to provide researchers with tailor-made assays.

Pearl BioSystem’s technology is the guarantee of the best selection of a drug or an ingredient in early phase that will increase the high probability of success in the clinical phase.”

Dr. Christian D Muller CSO & Co Founder

Cultivating in 3D using Pearl Biosystem technology makes it possible to obtain cancerous organoids with the guarantee that when adding a molecule to be tested, the cells encounter the drug easily... this film of water beads in weightlessness in the space station perfectly illustrates what happens in our liquid pearls: diffusion is perfect.