Services - Custom Assay Development Program

Custom Assay Development Workflow, Powered by PBioS Technology

Pearl BioSystem scientists will partner with you to develop your project requirements and assay criteria. Your target analyte may be proprietary or from a commercially available source, and you may select from several development parameters to customize your assay to your specific needs. You will receive incremental progress updates throughout the project and a final development report with your completed Discovery or Verified assay conditions. You may also choose to have Pearl BioSystem scientists perform testing on your molecules using either a prototyped or fully verified and manufactured assay.

This program consists of two phases:

Phase 1: Custom Assay Development:

Develop the Pearl BioSystem assay to your specific phenotype. It will give a proprietary DOE cost (DMSO / Pearls concentration / Molecule concentration…) that could be used to do some Sample testing

Phase 2: Sample Testing after a Custom Assay Development Phase:

After the first phase described previously, Pearl BioSystem is offering the program to carry out some molecule evaluations on this specific DOE assay developed in the first phase.

Sample testing: choose number of molecules to receive a specific quote and to continue to evaluate your drugs in a secured way.
Below some examples of our “development module” available to customize our technology features to your own specific project.

In each case (ST or Assay Development phases), Christian D Muller, the Pearl BioSystem CSO will provide some clear milestones and NO/GO STEP with at the end a global report with (EC50 – Images of the Organoids).

Once a customer will pay some fees for the development of an assay for one cell lines, you will access to run some sample testing on any new molecules (proprietary assay kit) for ever at a lower price

PBioS will offer you to evaluation some molecule interactions to your cell line model. (PBioS will design some concentrations matrices to evaluate your best combination of molecules).

DOWNLOAD: PBS Pharma Custom Assay Dev v1.0 flyer

Translational support - valid only for pharmaceuticals:

After this phase, PBioS Scientist teams will be able to continue to support your clinical trial validation pattern with some specific module to design with you your best animal models parameters and conditions (animal numbers, feasibility from the CRO test offer, etc.).