Services - Sample Testing Early Access Program

Valid in oncology, in dermo-cosmetic and cosmetic.
Pearl BioSystem is offering various assay conditions such as Apoptosis – Mitochondria as described below:

Pearl BioSystem is offering 2 ways to evaluate your molecules candidates :

A/ Sample Testing on our Prototyping & Validated Assay:
Pearl BioSystem R&D has already developed some Assays to rapidly evaluate the added value of the pearl technology.

Human cancerous cell lines (X):
        Mammary MCF-7, (ATCC® HTB-22)
        Pancreatic AsPC-1 (ATCC® CRL-1682)
        Pancreatic BxPC-3 (ATCC® CRL-1687)
        Colon SW-620 (ATCC® CCL-227™)
        Testicular NT2/D1 (ATCC® CRL-1973)
        Acute monocytic leukemia cell line THP-1 (ATCC® TIB-202)

        Fibroblasts BJ (ATCC® CRL-2522) = Control Cell Line

Human skin cell lines (X):

To design your assay, please choose one of the cell lines above.
Chose the number of molecules you would like to evaluate - in each case the molecule control is required and analyzed in parallel.

Receive a final quote based on number of cell lines and number of molecules to be evaluated with a time of execution.

Custom Sample Testing Development Workflow, Powered by PBioS Technology

Pearl BioSystem scientists will partner with you to develop your project requirements and assay criteria. Your target analyte may be proprietary or from a commercially available source, and you may select from several development parameters to customize your assay to your specific needs. You will receive incremental progress updates throughout the project and a final development report with your completed Discovery or Verified assay conditions. You may also choose to have Pearl BioSystem scientists perform testing on your molecules using either a prototyped or fully verified and manufactured assay.

Below an example of our accurate steps developed in our module PBS-0026 ST to qualify and sort out your molecules.

PBS-0026 - ST - Cell Line X
Sample Testing - Prototyping Estimation of EC 50 PBS Performances on cells line X

Qualified Operations of a Sample Testing Phase applied to one Molecule and your Molecule control in parallel in a validated cell line in the Pearl BioSystem catalog:
Assay Development - Preliminary estimation of assay sensitivity in PBS
Standard kit usual conditions - Includes verifying EC 50 (1 nM - 1 µM) determining on Cell Line X (X among our PBS Catalog)
- n=3 experiments not at the same day real experiment in parallel - △t = 72 hours / experiment
Each experiment n in every 2 days - Dilution in DMSO Dilutional linearity / Parallelism Determination in optimized conditions - Z' provided per experiments under PBS protocols -  Dilution in DMSO Dilutional linearity / Parallelism Determination in optimized conditions - Z' provided per experiments under PBS protocols - (all raw materials included : microplate - cell lines as much as required to deliver the assay)

In this phase of Sample Testing, Christian D Muller, the Pearl BioSystem CSO will provide some clear milestones and NO/GO STEP with at the end a global report with (EC 50 - Images of the Organoids).


B/ If your cell lines are not in our developed list, our Custom Assay Development Program will develop a proprietary assay on your specific development needs.