Improve your selection of ingredients by improving your current 2D assay with a clinically relevant 3D in Perlo assay for a better clear decision-making before going to a human clinical trial with some uncertain outcomes.

A new “ in Perlo™ ” rapid in vitro photo-inflammation/skin aging test model.

Keywords: Molecules – Natural ingredients – Extracts - Biomimetics – Peptides - Validation – Selection – Without Animals – UV irradiation – Stimulation of Cytokines

Reliable evaluation of candidate substances is essential for the skincare industry and crucial for proper decision-making through-out a development process.

Would you like to improve the selection of your molecules, ingredients, promising natural extracts using a fast, secured and reliable test before engaging in a costly in vivo phase with uncertain results?

Do you know that there is a system similar to in Vivo: “ in Perlo™ ” based on the use of unique “biopearls”?

Pearl BioSystem has developed a very innovative screening approach based on "biopearls", a CNRS patented technology that allows to very quickly confirm molecules potentially identified as promising, and to validate them for you in complete operational safety, without any harmed animal.

Imagine, having access to a model close to in vivo at the earliest stage of the development of your new dermo-cosmetic compound or before going to a long and costy human clinical trial. This new approach allows for serene decision-making when testing the safety and efficacy of your synthetic molecules (biomimetics and peptides) or your natural ingredients and extracts in development.

Please check our attached flyer and learn how our Sample Testing service module would meet your needs in some cell lines such as keratynocytes, melanocytes & fibroblasts. Check how PBioS could develop you a turnkey test by using our "Custom Assay Development" modules.

In the attached flyer, the cell line could be

In summary, Pearl BioSystem offers you a new innovative model of analysis, offering tailor-made technological approaches on:

  • Inflammation
  • Pigmentation
  • Sebogenesis
  • Wound Healing
  • Biofilm co-culture
    • with possible recovery for each application of
    • proteome
    • secretome
    • fixed cells

OPTION: Sample Testing – Oxidative stress-CLN

  • This module offers the possibility to choose the way to stress the cells by choosing between:
  • H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
  • UB B (Possible UV A or C) with our Irradiator
  • UV Doses range to be monitored

What type of Data Report to expect produced by the PBioS Scientists Team

  • After receiving your ingredients of interests with your molecules control and after a period of 3 weeks maximum,
  • Look an example of Data report with methodology, EC50 curves and images,
  • UV Doses range monitored with our Irradiators,
  • Doses UV effect curve provided

Our expertise in Essential oils : previously our PBioS Scientists Team developed some experience with some essentials oils with this publication

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