About - Scientific Advisory Board

Pearl BioSystem relies on a Scientific Advisory Board composed of four respected academic researchers.

Pr. Jean-Marie Reimund
PU-PH, Pr. in gastroenterology (colorectal cancer, pancreas, IBD) Hopitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, scientist IHU de Strasbourg

Pr. Alex Detappe
PhD in medical physic, Professor in Medicine, scientist, Immunonanotherapy Laboratory, ICAN

Dr. Gérard Redziniack (Dermo-Cosmetic)
International Scientific Advisor and Inventor in Dermocosmetology
Scientific Expert- CIR Agreement 450858071-French Research Ministry
Co-founder: Ameqivi-Differentciel-BABE Invest
Cosmetic Inventions and AI President
French Cosmetology Society Honorary President
Cosmetic Valley Member

Pr. Maxime Lehmann
PhD in Cell Biology, HdR, Université de Strasbourg, Faculty of Pharmacy
Deputy Director of Doctoral School 414 Unistra
Research scientist, INSERM UMRS 1255 unit EFS (French Blood Establishment)
Skills and expertise: Invasion assay, Cell Tracking, Cell Migration, Cancer Biology, Cell Adhesion