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Christian D. MULLER - Co-founder & CSO

CD Muller, Dr. ès Sciences and PhD in cellular and molecular pharmacology, CNRS Hors class senior scientist, graduated his PhD in pharmacology in 1983 and was appointed by the CNRS on his first candidature the same year. After his second PhD (Docteur es Sciences) in 1987, he held a 2-year post-doc in the Stanford University issued company, Syntex Research, as a research associate (Palo Alto, CA, USA, 1989-1990).

In 1996 CD Muller was co-founder of the startup Antibody Solutions, a biotech company still active in California.

In 2012 he founded and directed the eBioCyt platform UPS1401-unistra of the University of Strasbourg (France). His cytomic plateform (3 capillary cytometers and 1 adherent cell cytometer) was nominated in 2007 as 1st European excellence center by Guava/Millipore/Merck USA. For 10 years (1997-2007) he has been an elected member of the board of the French Association of Cytometry (AFC). He has authored 135 peer-reviewed scientific articles and co-edited on 2020 the 2nd edition of the French cytometry reference book.

Since April 2016 he joined with his plate-form the Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien, CNRS unit UMR 7178, in the Faculty of Pharmacy in Strasbourg where he continues his work in cytomic applied to cancer. In order to satisfy needs of research and development, Christian decided to create a company specialized in cellular screening.

Rémi SERRANO - Co-founder & CEO-CFO

Rémi Serrano has a 30 year's experience in economic and financial development of companies. He plans mid and long-term strategies, which include: Business Plan - Strategic Choices - Financial Relationships - Partnerships - Company Management His deep belief is that being close to clients is the key to a long-term relationship based on confidence and transparency.

Will García - Head of Business Development Europe, UK, Israel, South Africa

He is a life sciences professional with commercial expertise and a broad scientific background in cellular biology. He enjoys supporting customers, providing technical support, training and troubleshooting in order to develop the business further. He also enjoys being involved in marketing activities and communicating with different departments within the organization to bring new ideas that can improve the business.

Ramakrishna Machiraju - Director Business Development, APAC

Ramakrishna Machiraju (Rama) has rich experience in Life Science, Healthcare Industries for the past 29 years, which include more than 12 years of experience in managing Sales & Marketing operations in Asia Pacific (APAC) countries. His work experience includes in organizations like Becton Dickinson (BD), Guava Technologies, Millipore & Merck. in different management roles. In his last assignment he was with Swedish Biotech firm Cavidi AB managing APAC countries.



Fathi EMHEMMED, Ph.D.in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 2015 at the University of Strasbourg (CNRS), was granted by the ImmunoTools Ph.D-students Award in 2012. He joined the company to direct the laboratory of Pearls for theragnostic in 2020. He has authored 5 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Board member

Jean-Marc BÉLOUARD under Dolphin Partnership SASU, co-investor and founder @ Board Member for Sales & Marketing Strategy

Jean-Marc has 25 years of experience of introducing globally some disruptive technologies including Drug Discovery Services in various companies such as Singulex, Biosims, Millipore…

Jean-Marc will connect Rémi and Chris to some global partners to expand commercially PBS and survey the PBS sales expansion.