APPLICATIONS - ophtalmology (Under development)

A new “ in Perlo™ ” rapid corneal photo-inflammation test model.

Keywords: Molecules – Validation – Selection – Without Animals – UV irradiation – Stimulation of Cytokines

Reliable evaluation of candidate substances is essential for the eye care industry and crucial for proper decision making throughout a development process.

Would you like to improve the selection of your molecules, ingredients, promising natural extracts using a fast, secure and reliable test before engaging in a costly in vivo phase with uncertain results?

Did you know that there is a system closest to in vivo: “ in Perlo™ ” based on the use of unique biopearls?

Pearl BioSystem has developed for 10 years a very innovative screening approach based on "biopearls", a CNRS patented technology that allows you to very quickly confirm molecules potentially identified as promising, and to validate them for you in complete operational safety, without any harmed animal.

Imagine having access to a model close to in vivo that at the earliest stage of the development of your new compound for ophthalmology.
This new approach allows for serene decision-making when testing the safety and efficacy of your synthetic molecules (biomimetics and peptides) or your natural ingredients and extracts in development.

Under normal conditions, adult corneal keratocytes are relatively quiescent cells. However, upon injury or trauma to the cornea, keratocytes differentiate into active, synthesizing cells and rapidly replace the damaged stromal matrix. Being able to follow the proliferative and/or inflammatory response of keratocytes following UV irradiation (A/B/C) or induced inflammation (IL-1, TNF, LPS) is possible with the use of our pearls optically transparent.

Thus, a toxicity test adapted to your ophthalmological molecules would always be possible using our modules adaptable to each mechanism sought.

The cell phenotype will be a human keratocytes cell line of corneal fibroblasts, fibroblasts residing in the corneal stroma.

In summary, Pearl BioSystem offers you a new innovative model of analysis, offering tailor-made technological approaches on:
- Inflammation monitoring (stimulation by UV)
- Tissue Healing monitoring (after UV irradiation or LPS activation)

OPTION: Development – PBS-0036-Adev-Cosmeto-Oxidative stress-CLN

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