Technology - Tailor-Made solution

Enhance your cellular screening assays in 3D cultures with a powerful screening to highlight putative synthetic or natural molecules in library screenings

Pearl BioSystem has developed a proprietary technology to optimize compound validation assay.

For a clearer decision-making in compound evaluation:

Thanks to its proven technology, Pearl BioSystem can develop in a weekly manner a tailor-made assay to evaluate a specific candidate molecule with high accuracy, reliability and efficiency.
The PBS technology allows a protocoled and automatized analysis of the drug molecules. Pearl could be assimilated to a small incubator for metastatic cells:

This technology is a source of several key benefits.
These represent considerable competitive advantages in preclinical research stages:

A technology based on quantitative data (EC50), for a clearer decision-making to select the best molecules in the early phase of your drug discovery program.

Technology comparison 2D vs Pearl BioSystem vs Mouse model

You are interested in evaluating your current challenges drug, why not to compare your current internal or external methodology with our Early Access Program (please visit our Sample Testing Program)..

Please visit our Sample Testing Program